Once we were up and dressed I took AR&Mx over to K’s to give H some time to have a shower in peace (ultimate luxury for mum of young children!), and they played with all the usual toys before T brought Heston over and we all went for a walk around the fields and past the horses then back from Wavendon. Surprising how many houses are going to be built across a lot of this land soon.... such a change from feeling like we’ve lived on the very edge of the city for so many years,
Mx is talking quite a lot now...tractor being his favourite word (and favourite toy), but also loves counting, key words (ketchup!) and babbling away with nonsense but in the right intonation.
Back and dropped the kids off for lunch then just sat in the sun in the garden and chatted. I’m coming down with AR’s cold (inevitably!) and this is the first one I’ve had all winter. Throat going, can feel it in my chest, not really what I need, so I was more than happy to sit and do nothing all afternoon!
Supper then watched nonsense and more chatting

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