First Wildflowers!

We have had a few days of working in the railway cutting and today I was rewarded with a first find of wild flowers ... Wood Forget-me-Not?

In the extra you can see Gill cutting up some of the overgrown brambly/leggy/dubious scrub we have been clearing.  She is in what we think is the deepest part of the cutting - although it is surprisingly dry.  The flowers are behind her, not far from the dumped collecting box from a lawn mower.  I spent a happy hour winching a discarded cooker frame up the slope and now have it in pieces small enough to go to the tip :-)

This afternoon our friends called round in an effort for wood swap.  We have two less (fewer?) crab apple trees, they have a large stack of logs for their burner.  Because there is now some clear space at the bottom we can get in to identify some of the trees.  Plenty of Ash, some Elm, a couple of Hawthorns and we found a Blackthorn sapling in need of assistance so I cut a rough stake and found a tree tie to give it a fighting chance.

Suspect we will sleep well tonight!

Apologies re the lack of commenting - this hacking back is time consuming to say the least :-)

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