By 63Daisies

I'm 100% sure...

...that Jenny wanted to be in this blip.
& 100% sure that Annie didn't! :-)
I know it's not a "perfect picture"...but it serves Annie right for being silly we have fun in "The Kitchen" & I've just finished for Christmas & said goodbye until the New Year...

Today we've been serving pea & mint soup, that I made, chilli con carne that Annie made, & an amazing apple crumble that Madelief made ...so vainly, I've blipped my soup :-)
The others are working right through Christmas but I'm not going back until January...

Chris is back from Germany tomorrow...yippee
I need to get myself into a supermarket...sharp-ish
No idea where Lydia is :-)
& Adrian is still painting!

I'm not very able to keep up at the moment...but after Boxing Day I shall thoroughly enjoy catching up xx

STOP PRESS: Adrian has just finished the decorating!

ps...anyone know how I could put a Christmassy border around this?

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