By Janashields

Speckled Wood

Lots of cutting back of the Ivy covering the shed today-being careful to check that we weren't near any bird nests.  The shed roof has cracks in it caused by the weight of ivy-some of the branches are so thick we will use them for firewood.  We then managed to weed and sweep the patio in front of the shed so that we could eat outside-something so special about meals enjoyed outside.  Lots of butterflies flitting around-Orange Tip, Peacock, Holly Blue and the first Speckled Wood of the year along with a Brimstone that just passed through.  Lots of Newts swimming around in the new pond and the noise of Baby Blackbirds that sound as though they are almost ready to fledge.  Lots of tomato plants potted on and the greenhouses watered several times.  Caitlin and Matt were with us for a lovely Thai Curry in the garden.  Shattered now I've finally sat down.

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