GREAT! Day :-)

We've had a great day!

7 am - departure from home.

8 am - dog training with Helle.

9.30 am - continue to Hillerød.

10.30 am - bought new ball for Gollum in Hillerød.

11 am - Nose Work training in Hillerød with all 3 boys. I put a small video of Gollum's Container Search on Instagram. You can see it here. It may not look like much, but actually the odor is placed between lots of treats, so he is ignoring all the food to find the target odor. I was very impressed. 

From noon and the rest of the day - a lovely day with my family (sister, nephew and dad) and alle the dogs.

It was wonderful.

My picture today is of Diva, Biscuit, Gollum and Amy, but I have also put some up in the extras. 

Happy Easter
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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