Reikes small life...

By Reike

Hike fail and Easter BBQ on the beach

We finally started off on a hike that we wanted to do for a year! - and the trail was closed due to a huge avalanche that had brought so much tree debris with it that the path is impassable... 

Therefore, we only walked along the river Rhine and checked out a climbing spot that Philipp hadn't seen before. 

Later I cooked up some mash for the horse and cycled the 20km to bring it to her. I was greeted by the yard dog with loud yelps (he is a massive dog!) and by Farina with a very loud whinny, I guess she knew I was bringing something for her! 

Back at home we packed up stuff for our very own personal Easter fire at the river - made a BBQ with sausages and grilled feta cheese on bread. Oh, do you see the guys in the canoe in the back? 
Djeili was happily digging for Easter eggs in the sand. 

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