... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wandsworth Common: Common Koi

More painterly in large?
Extra: Conducting (3/3) (mono version)

Most of my photos were of a Canada goose washing, splashing, and flapping in the bright sunshine, so I've included one as an extra (a mono version; I'm not sure why I went mono...), but my carp pictures reminded me of Japan, so they had to take my blip spot for the positive memories...

The common was a baffling case study of self-assurance, thinking errors, and cognitive biases too, because the terrapins were out sunning themselves (I saw four), and in the short while that I was near two large ones on a log, several people responded in surprising ways:
1. One of two joggers pointed them out to the other: "Oh, they're new: I've been coming here for decades, and they've definitely never been here before"[... or, apparently, you just haven't noticed them before?]
2. An extended family group (a dozen or so, over four generations) had narrowed their ID down to 'tortoises' or 'turtles', and a young father was looking up descriptions on a phone. "... well turtles live in the sea, and tortoises can't swim, so they must be on the log so that they don't drown... Who would put them there?". I tentatively corrected, "They're abandoned terrapins: red-eared terrapins or 'sliders' ", to which an older mother/grandmother responded, "No, we've had terrapins, and they're much smaller", and got back to musing about tortoise rescue. I stood un-corrected. and left them to it...

Others here (or right from Wood pigeon cooing in tree)

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