On Guard!

Not a military guard this time. Last time I did that was guarding the 13 Squadron Canberra's with a loaded SLR Rifle (7.62mm Self Loading Rifle) in Malta when we had threats from El Fatah about raids and bombs on the British military bases there.
This time was much more genteel, it was the disabled car park in Coleford for their Carnival of Transport.
10 bikes from the RBLR but lots of other bikes to see, vintage and modern, very flash and some original rebuilds. There are trucks, vans, coaches, cars both vintage, modern and super, steam engines (Luke had Rosetta his Steamroller there, see EXTRA), pretty much anything on wheels is on display every Easter Monday.
Lovely to see Daniel, Joanne, Julia and Johanna there with all of the children. It was scorching hot so they couldn't stay a long time as it was quite uncomfortable for the babies.
Got home just after 1700 after we packed in at 1600.

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