One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

That kind of day

When tops were taken off in public places, whether it was a judicious move or not.
When legs lost a little bit of their bluish hues. 
When legs acquired the first sunburns of the year.
When queues 200 people long formed in front of the ice cream vans.
When group ice cream selfies were taken.
When ice cream van men phoned their local Maserati dealership to put an option on the new Levante. 
When Pepe wore his tracksuit bottom and runners and barely complained at all while walking around Marley Park. 
When the Irish newspapers boast that it is as warm in Dublin as in Madrid. 
When the Spanish newspapers don't bother pointing out the exaggerations or outright lies of the Irish press.
When eating outside is not a form of social torture. 
When I went for a swim in the sea. 

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