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A Trio of Temptations

...from the April 20 Bellingham Farmers Market. I loved the contrasting leaves of these small Japanese Maple trees for sale against the dark background, but as we already have three once small, now large Japanese maples in our yard/garden, I resisted that temptation.

Two other temptations are in the extra photos: local fruity vinegars, and more tulips. I'll likely succumb to several of those vinegars in the near future, and as for the tulips, several of those dusty rose ones came home with me. 

Choral music is taking up much of my time just now, with Whatcom Chorale's next concert less than six weeks away. My head is full of Latin, as we're singing Mozart's Coronation Mass and his Vesperae solennes de confessore (Solemn Vespers for a Confessori). Our third work on the program is "Ordinary Prayers," which Whatcom Chorale commissioned from a local composer. I love having my head full of beautiful music, which blocks the constant static emanating from the Twitterer in Chief...

Blip 2003

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