Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was warm here and tourists went out in masses for the bulbfields... Keukenhof sent out the message that they could not welcome all and thus the roads in the area had traffic jams... glad I wasn't there at that time, but I'm sure the people did get their view on the bulbfields ~ some halted on the highway there to get their pictures!
I cycled into Delft again and took this blip from its East-Gate. 
Wikipedia says about it this: The eastern gate in Delft, Netherlands, is an example of Brick Gothic northern European architecture that was built around 1400. Around 1510, the towers were enhanced with an additional octagonal floor and high spires. This is the only city gate remaining in Delft; the others were demolished in the 19th century. It currently serves as an art gallery and private residence.

More often it's pictured from the other side, but I had my tele on the camera and that's not helpful for such a WA view from that side :-(

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