I waited all morning for the wasp engineer to find out he said he came and waited 10 mins, I may have been upstairs at the time but he certainly didn't ring the door bell. I have it all to repeat again tomorrow. and I've made sure to tell them to ring the doorbell, the only good thing is i've found another vent hole wasps are  going in and out of. 
I hate all these hassles and having to sort them. I've also spotted cracked cement above a bedroom window, even though Ive got NHBC they won't do anything unless the work is over £1500 so for small structural niggles its useless. 
I've done quite a bit with the macro lens today including the collage. My garden is looking lovely at the moment. The apple tree has lots of blossom so hopefully I will get more than 2 apples, it must like its move and prune. 

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