Lost in Thought

By steveng

and relax ....

We decided on a more restful approach to today with no garden or garage work.  My new specs were ready, so we drove into Leamington first to collect them. Not a bad start, but avoiding traffic queues proved difficult, and we were very glad we had decided against a trip to the tip. See the extra for a view from the end of the queue - and this is just the queue for the gate - there might well be about another third within the tip istself.

In the afternoon we took a trip to Upton House where the gardens are getting up to full speed with Spring.  In the interests of not carrying much I took my old Canon 350D which weighs 790g instead of my 5D which weighs 1730g, no wonder my lower spine prefers the old camera!

These fringed tulips caught my eye and have become todays blip.

Much of the garden is open now and should be looking good for the blip meet on Wednesday next week.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my journal recently - all much appreciated.

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