A Lucky Find

We aren't going anywhere this morning so I wandered behind our condos near the soccer field fence.....I saw a White Eye fly to a branch so I brought my camera up for a shot.....as she flew away, I noticed there was a teeny tiny baby on the branch.....so I waited and waited and waited....I took some shots of the baby stretching his legs, then flapping his wings. (see extras)...finally the parent came back and feed him.....I got the shot of the parents head into the baby's beak, but it was blurry....so this one, right after the feeding, will have to do. I hope he okay....flown off someplace...I took my husband back to see it and he was gone. This is the kind of shot I expect from Debbi or Hilly or many others.....but I am excited that I got it.
This day is just starting.....we will make plans soon to do something.

Later: We spent time snorkeling at the safe cove my our condo...I saw the little fish I wanted to see again in clearer water.....I got a couple of shots. See the 3 & 4 extra shots. He is a fish rarely seen over here and he is called a Stripey Fish. Good name for it!!

Wow....thanks for all the hearts for the birds.....Popular Page....I am glad you liked it.

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