By Kipsie

Oh, I do love a jumping spider

so I was thrilled when I spotted this tiny visitor to the garden earlier.. This is Salticus scenicus - Zebra spider .. Quite common in UK apparently, but being only 5-8mm in size can often be overlooked. I spotted this one and did'nt want to take my eye of it in case it disappeared so shouted to hubby to bring my camera outside, sometimes they like to pose, other times just want to escape, this one was one of the later variety. Typical!  I became acquainted with jumping spiders when I lived in Thailand. They are really cheeky little spiders, very often staring you out with their big eyes, but just as likely to jump when you have just got them in focus, or jump onto your camera lens making it impossible to get a pic. This is probably my all time favourite "jumper"
Today has been a bit hectic .. Early visit to the allotment to pick up my wellies and empty compost bags as I was off to the DPHT for the morning. Sue was just getting out of her car as I arrived so asked if she would like some Rainbow chard that I'd just cut from the plot. She loves it, so happily took it off me. The men, Nigel & Andy were trying to fix an industrial strimmer when we arrived, without success. We, Angie, Katherine, Sue & myself, the volunteers, drove the ponies down into the corral, then went poo picking off the paddocks, that took us a while, had a few laughs, we then went searching out the ragwort, it's poisonous to ponies and needs to be removed, root and all. Sue & I did that while Angie & Katherine went and picked hoofs and groomed the ponies. They look beautiful with their manes and tails brushed out. Their winter coats are disappearing gradually. A foreign family  here in the UK on holiday were coming into the yard to make a pony adoption. Dru met them, The two young daughters got kitted up with protective hard hats and gloves before meeting and grooming the ponies. I'm not sure who they adopted as I was now busy cutting back the lanky daffodil leaves, I know you are supposed to let them die back naturally, but they were so untidy, and the boxes looked so much better with the colours of the primrose, pansy & cyclamen showing. Then I took over finishing power hosing the garden furniture, giving everything and everywhere a general tidy up. Coffee time! Just as the kids arrived for the afternoon session. Phew!. Forgot I was bringing the pony poo home for the allotment, so had to fill the sacks .. 6 sacks, 4 in the boot, 2 in the front passenger footwell, so evenly distributed in my little Aygo. :)
Home for lunch, then up to the allotment where it was a hive of activity. Jim had rotavated part of my plot, not sure how thoroughly, it was still very lumpy but I needed to get potato chits planted plus onion sets in .. Got there at 2.45 left at 6.15. Potatoes in, white onion sets in, Thai red shallot sets in ... A plot neighbour, who threatened to be on her plot tomorrow giving it a very necessary clean up offered me some rhubarb. So that's probably a crumble tomorrow. Late home so dinner was a quick fix. NOT what I had planned, but a good job done especially as rain is forecast.
Just been sampling some tiny choclate eggs, props from my Silly Saturday blip challenge. Vedict Galaxy, Cadbury's mini eggs, & Oreo eggs get the thumbs up, not keen on the Smartie eggs. Don't like the shell, bit like real eggs. Don't like eating the shell on those either :(
Will tomorrow bring rain .. we'll soon find out.

Thanks to dfb24 for hosting

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