Out with the old

Papa Wren has been busy discarding last year's nesting materials from various nesting boxes he and his mate have used before. It will be interesting to see which one they choose for their first brood this season. I've watched him check the the tiny house by the kitchen window as well and was horrified to realize that the dots on his back are ticks when  the   photograph is enlarged. Our deer tick problem and the Lyme Disease that can follow a bite terrifies all of us in the Northeast. Little Nora had one crawling on her yesterday. We live in a wooded area and must be very vigilant checking ourselves when we come in from outdoors. UGH!

In the extras you can see the ticks, the various nest box perusing and how cool the folded feet are when they take off.

For the Record, 
This day came in with clouds and SUN after days of rain. More on the way for the weekend unfortunately.

All hands happy to see the sun and the returning House Wren pair.

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