By CanCarrier

A dead rat

On the path. 

Regent Road Gardens. 

Someone has been feeding the rats, they perhaps think they are feeding the squirrels, or the birds, or the bunnies. But leaving sunflower seeds and peanuts next to the path near the railway line just feeds the rats. 

This is a fairly small one. I remember the biggest I saw was so tubby its tummy dragged along the ground as it flipped its paws from side to side to pedal itself along. 

I am still irked. 

I am writing down compare and contrast charts. Escape algorithms. Flow Chart option choices. Decision tree variables. X Y axis graphs with influence probabilities. All to convince myself that saying 'stuff it' to the job is not a good idea. The trouble is that it is beginning to look like a good idea. 

There are no answers only choices.

Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat. 

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