Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Anzac Day.

We took the girls to the Botanic Gardens today.  We got there early before the crowds started arriving.

It was nice and warm, in fact it was getting a bit hot by the time we left at about 10.30 am.

The girls had a great time, Isabella on her bike, and Mia in her push along trike.  We inspected the plants, checked out the waterfall, said hello to all the birds and went to the cafe for an ice-cream.

Then out to the playground, where we had to stop for a snack.  Near the playground there were 2 trees full of Lorikeets having a great time feeding on all the blossoms.  Mia had to go and watch them twice, she just loves birds, and I love it when she takes my hand and makes me go with her.

Isabella meanwhile was hanging off a climbing frame, with her Mum watching her.

Once it started to get busy, we left to come home.

It was a great morning, lovely to go out just for a wander.

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