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By dublinshooter

Pizza reward

It's been a long road, but work on the house is approaching an end. Yesterday saw the arrival of a very big moment, with the laying of the carpet — the same over most of the ground floor including the hall and up the stairs and into the landing. The difference is amazing.

Today, Dave the painter worked on final parts of his end of things and did some touch-up work; my dear pal Derek was here all day fitting plug sockets and light fittings and assembling an IKEA cabinet unit which will be a major part of the scheme. Meanwhile, Carl and I began the process of unpacking storage boxes, concentrating on setting up the TV and sound system.

When the others left and Carl and I finished connecting cables and plugging things in and running a system test, we decided it was time for food. We ordered in pizza from a place really close to me and devoured it with great speed (and very nice it was too).

Saturday is the big day — The Day of the Great Unveiling, when I host the music group for the first time since 9th March. They know work was being done, but have no idea what to expect. Hopefully there'll be lots of oohs and aahs (if there isn't there'll be hell to pay!).

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