By DonnaWanna

Abstract Thursday - Festive

My new Captain Marvel T Shirt was looking decidedly Festive once I finished slipping and sliding it through a couple of fun apps! :o)

I purchased a shirt for J and thought it looked so good I went back and got one for myself. Captain Marvel is a woman and I’m definitely the Captain around here and truly a Marvel (most of the time) : o)

I rose as the sun came up and thought back over the years of all the tears that fell each Anzac Day from my Mum and Nana as they recalled all the young men they had known who died in the war, sad memories.

Big thanks to Ingeborg for keeping the Abstract Thursday Challenge Alive and Kicking and to Robert for starting it all ; ) Huge Celebrations for hitting 200 AT’s !! :o)xxx

We’ve had a big fire in the hills today, the smoke hit us heavily for a while but has left us for now. A shot of the plume and then the smoky sunset a bit later.

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