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By NatureWatcher


You may remember my blip of the swan's nest on the castle moat that I photographed recently. The female laid four eggs and has been sitting on them ever since.  The pair always nest next to the pavement even though nesting materials have been put in a more inaccessible place to encourage them to use a better spot as they are so vulnerable there.

Overnight three of the eggs were smashed by bricks being thrown on them. Everyone is shocked and saddened by such a cruel and senseless act. She won't go back to the nest to sit on her remaining egg but the pair are swimming around together so at least they've stayed here.

A few months ago graffiti was sprayed on the castle walls for the second time and it is very expensive to remove. Local rumours blame teenagers that have been excluded from school but there's no proof of course.

A Just Giving appeal for £500 for cctv has been launched here which might deter the culprits if enough money can be raised.  I didn't photograph the nest for my blip as it was just too sad.

I got home just before a hailstorm started (the blip is the roof of my car) followed by thunder and lightening and now sunshine.

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