The Jeopardy Kid

This is no joke. Meet Jason. He was on Jeopardy for 5 days and won a lot more money than is featured on the tv screen here. So proud of him. He did such an excellent job and made our school proud!

Jason and his girlfriend had a viewing party over at his apartment tonight. I was so nervous he was going to lose tonight (the 3rd day). I don't know why..

He ended up having an Italian category, a Double LL one (hello.. my name is liz le-mon), AND an Oregon category. COME ON, UNIVERSE. Hahaha, I wished I could have wired him some answers.. as if he needed my help. He had no problems with the categories which is just plain crazy.

Good on ya, Jason! Hopefully you'll get asked back for a champion's round or something. Maybe you already have and just can't tell us.... ;)

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