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By HarlingDarling

Birthday book

It's a whole month early, but I have been allowed to open it - perhaps as a reward for spending another 4 hours with the tax return and the books for my little company. We found things that made no logical sense - and I know from my course in book-keeping that it means there is a mistake somewhere. The hunt began and finally I discovered a fault in the table I'd created, it wasn't adding up all the cells! I'd extended the number of cells and the totalling mechanism hadn't included them. 

Then we realised that for the deductions you make, you have to first remove VAT as that gets dealt with separately. I know that, and I'd forgotten - now there is a new column with BIG LETTERS at the top saying WITHOUT VAT! I really don't want to make any mistakes, the amount of money involved is peanuts, but it's the principle of the thing. My VAT to pay was the princely sum of about £45, A lot of administrative work for such a small amount.

I am very grateful that Keith is sitting in the same room, two heads really are better than one. I now have it cracked, and the accounts for 2019 are up to date. That feels so brilliant I might just manage to keep it up! Keith makes a tally of the utilities bills and he's started a new one for 2019 as well. I have even offered to show a friend how it's done, obviously a certain amount of hubris involved there!!! I painted my toenails, sitting on the front door step in the sunshine. I only use nail varnish on my toes, and only as a sign that it's summer.

It's been a sunny day again, the weather is melting the snow so fast, but the lakes are still mostly grey, rotten ice. One morning we'll get up and it will all be gone, it's like magic. Rusty has been doing a lot of barking at little noises indoors, and when outside on his own at everything. So much so we had to bring him in. He was bored with the book-keeping, and he was weirdly unsettled outside. A good long walk has conked him out totally, so peace is re-established. ( he just startled himself awake and set about barking at nothing, and doing a warning growl or two - poor confused dog)

Our car has to be taken to the garage for some work on the reversing sensor that seems to have given up the ghost. So it's an early start for one of us. I have offered, since I'm awake early anyhow. The artcard today was all in pink, simply because an advert came yesterday with a huge envelope covered in pink peonies in close up. Such is the butterfly brain. I had a happy couple of hours playing till I was satisfied. It's in the extras. I love the pig!

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