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Community Challenge: Minimalism

Our next community challenge will focus on minimalism.  

A minimalist photo depends on high simplicity and uses a minimal amount of compositional components such as shape, color, and line. The goal of minimalist photography is to convey a concept, provoke an emotional response, or provide a unique visual experience. Compositional elements must be kept to a minimum, and the ones that are left should be essential for conveying the overall idea, or symbolism, of the photo. Here are some links to demonstrate the concept:
10 tips for keeping it simple
10 steps to minimalist photography
Examples of minimalist photos

The challenge will run for two weeks between April 27 and May 11 and you may enter a maximum of two photos in the challenge by tagging your blip post to: BCMinimalism (for Blip Challenge Minimalism) 
Pls note that submissions outside the dates of the challenge or submissions that exceed the maximum of two will not be considered. 
To look at entries while the challenge is ongoing, use hashtag #BCMinimalism in your search: 
I look forward to lots of creative shots from all over our community of blippers!
Ready? Set? Go!
Posted by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Rainer Mueller

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