The second half of life..

By twigs

3 in a row!

This chap - Brian - lives a few houses down from me. I've often seen him out mowing his lawns with his hand mower and have even attempted to sneak a long shot of him before, although without any luck. I just love the fact that he uses good old-fashioned elbow grease to get the job done - and his lawns do always look immaculate. I learned he picked up his mower a few years ago for next to nothing at the dump ('recycling centre'), brought it home, did a few minor repairs, painted it, sharpened it and hey presto - a perfectly good mower.

There's something to be said I think for shelving some of the modern appliances that make our lives easier. As we make our lives 'easier' we must surely be using less muscle power/brain-power/creativity/problem-solving skills etc . . . . . . . so does that make all those labour-saving devices bad for out health I wonder? A debate for another time maybe. Brian certainly stands as a very fine and incredibly spritely example of how the old-fashioned ways can keep us in very good order :)

Anyway, as I was driving down the road today I spotted him out mowing his lawns and decided to go for the three-peat . . . . . asking total a stranger if I could take a picture of them. Brian didn't mind in the slightest and we had a great 5 minute chat (where I discovered I have taught his grandsons!)

I'm quite enjoying this capture-a-stranger approach to blipping I've had this past few days. You certainly get to meet some lovely people :)

Oops - I almost forgot. I want to say my good-byes and thank-yous to everyone here at blip just in case the world does end tonight and I don't make it back tomorrow. The beginning of the end has just started . . . . . .

. . . . Oh no. Maybe not. I think someone just let off some fire-crackers!


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