Bar view

Waiting for LD and D to finish work and join me for a swift something at this Birmingham hotspot. I think I missed out somehow on the drink- after- work culture - it was heaving in there!

Today my original plan went slightly awry. I'm investigating buying a new sewing machine and there is a family in the Birmingham area with several shops. So, naturally, the one I ended up in wasn't the one I first thought of but no matter, they had what I needed to see and note I have described to make! LH did roll his eyes a little but I'm for the journey rather than the destination ;-)

They were also further into the city so I took the opportunity to visit the temple of John Lewis as I had a commission to do for an Orcadian friend. Mission accomplished and it was nearly business chucking out time so I had a spontaneous meet up with LD and new boyfriend. Rather nice and all the nicer for being unplanned :-)

Another late evening ...!

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