I was having a dream this morning...

...and there was this cottage in the hills in the countryside. People I knew who have died were there, including my partner J who died 10 years ago. It was brilliant..

We were there at the cottage for a few weeks. Then it was time to leave the cottage.

So, we were outside, packing the cars. There is a well there with an ever flowing supply of clear water. I am trying to get the water into a 2 litre plastic bottle, but I am a bit clumsy, so this gentleman appears at the right hand side of me.

He is a tall large genial gentleman with a beard and he is helping me get the water in the bottle, and he is giving me advice, calming advice, his words are soothing and gentle (I am profoundly deaf in real life, so it is wonderful to be able to hear words, and intonations and the delicacy round spoken words in a dream).

But I need to urgently use the bathroom, and before I know what is happening, half asleep, I am waking up and I stumble into my real bathroom.

I suddenly realise I am not in my beautiful dream any more, I’ve left my 2 litre bottle of healing water in my dream...I am upset...

For my blip photo today I wanted to do something for admirer’s SillySaturday challenge, and to this end, I braved rainy windy storm Hannah to take this photo of a snow goose who has recently landed in my garden....

Thank you for looking in.
Take care x

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