By Picturemull

Spider Explosion

After going to a conservation fundraiser at C's, via Calgary (for the dogs of course) and then on to Lucy's wonderful garden (see extra), we drove round to remind ourselves how stunning the west coast road is.  And then when we got home I dealt with the spider explosion in one of the guests' bathrooms.  A nest had obviously hatched in the last 24 hours and hundreds of tiny spiders had spun webs across the ceiling.  Mindful of the earlier discussion about the global decimation of invertebrates, I carefully gathered them up in tea towels and released them in the garden.  Most of them survived the move though am sure will get eaten by something.  Now need to find homes for all the plants I bought - am so pleased to be able to source plants that I know will not have been treated with pesticides.  Am reluctant to buy garden centre bedding plants any more - I do wonder if they contribute to the reduction in bees etc.

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