Northern Star

By Lifferz

First Risotto

Pleased with myself for making my first risotto today using a Mary Berry recipe which took about half an hour. I added button and shiitake mushrooms and, for a bit of green, I added spring onion and peas. The spring onion didn’t work too well compared to everything else but MrH didn’t want asparagus (the suggested ingredient) and, as I’m not a die hard fan, I was ok to leave it out.

Really pleased with how it turned out, creamy and great texture. MrH wasn’t keen on it at all, I think he didn’t like the texture of the whole dish sadly so I’ll have to do further risotto experiments on my own and hope I’m getting it right. I’ll be making risotto cakes with the leftovers tomorrow . Shouldn’t be a texture problem there.

Very, very windy day thanks to Storm Hannah. Nailsworth was quiet but I ended up having a good chat with someone in a charity shop about a mutual interest and they gave me some fab tips.

My tomato plants are growing at a rate!

Always good to try something new

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