Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Spent the early part of Saturday afternoon at another session of our Cumbernauld Village Archaeology group, documenting the gravestones in the kirkyard. While some people worked on a Condition Survey of the stones, others were photographing the stones from different angles - guess what task I did?

I reckon I took around 80 photos on the day and that we documented another 16 - 18 (can't remember the exact number) of the 300+ stones in the kirkyard. We've been doing this for about six months now and are just short of half-way through this phase of the project.

Having spent an hour or two crawling around a graveyard, I then decided that a wee change was required and so afterwards went for a walk in Cumbernauld Glen. I hadn't had time until now to go searching for bluebells, but the Glen has swathes of them just about everywhere one looks. Many photos were taken, including the one that I've chosen as my Blip of the day.

My 'big' camera (not that big, just a digital SLR) was taking a well-earned rest back in the boot of the car and I was accompanied on my walk by my pocket-sized point-and-shoot. It was one of those sunshine and showers kind of days and I made a mental note to return to the Glen when it is a bit brighter overhead.

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