By schorschi

Paper Brexit

Thanks to the loss of electricity yesterday, also lost internet access and later found out that there had been some damage to ancillary electric equipment - the router - probably due to a millisecond overload when the lines crossed & short-circuited two of the three phases.

We to be getting the local newspaper free of charge for two weeks - a fairly regular selling exercise they carry out in local supermarkets with people insisting you take up the offer even when you say you will never purchase a subscription. They won't accept any negative answer & presumably as they are on some form of commission, it is easier to agree to the free trial than get rude.

So I wasn't totally spared Brexit & indeed in the pauses taken by the service guys to warm up with a cup of coffee, the talk was almost exclusively about Brexit, they wanting to try & understand how the British could be so stupid as to want to leave. These are "ordinary" craftsmen, not elite intellectual business people, and Brexit will have little if any effect on them.

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