Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


I. Allegro con brio . . . My note written fifty years ago says: Charming bridge. Brief battle. Each W.W. (woodwind) plays three note phrase, like children passing a toy from hand to hand to be admired . . . The phrase moves between flute, clarinet and oboe; and the first violins snatch one variation with the same rhythm. The moving third symphony (Eroica) in Eb (opus55) by Beethoven. The bridge begins at about 1:23 and again in the repeat at 4:33 here. Finally listened to the whole first movement. It's been years. Isn't Leonard Bernstein a wonderful conductor to watch?

       Lazy blip . . .

       Thanks to Tryfan46  who has challenged us for the five  (bet he didn't bargain for that when he volunteered ;-) Mondays of April.

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