Reikes small life...

By Reike


My neighbour went on holidays and so I have two dogs to care for again. 

We went for lovely walkies in the morning and especially cool walkies in the afternoon, and Djeili and I had very successful agility training (a tad slow, but without any mistakes at all!).

They are snoozing and snoring now before our good-night walk both with a slight smile on their faces. I feel happy! 

Visiting my horse in the afternoon wasn't so happy. As she had problems shedding her winter fur in the past few years and was sweating the past two weeks, she got sheared yesterday. Then the weather changed, cold today. I arrived at a horse shaking all over for cold. Feeding her cooked mash helped a bit, then I put two horse-coats on her. You can see her ribs sticking out so much, there is not an ounce of fat on her, even if we have been feeding her loads in the past two months. She had her teeth done recently but I have the impression chewing is a bit troublesome for her. She is old! 26 now. She also managed to cut open her left front leg and the blood had been gushing down the leg. I cleaned it all up, it seems not so bad, but still. Guess she tripped and fell. I am not sure if she will see the next year :( Hope she can go to the alp meadows for summer and be happy there. 

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