Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Old town

I was on my way to the Health Store at midday when it struck me how quiet this part of Dunoon can be on a weekday. It was so quiet, in fact, that my attention was caught by a loud belch from the man eating chips on the bench - you can see that the seagulls are very interested in his lunch. Behind me was the gap left by the demolition of the ugly addition to the old Grammar School, now Dunoon Primary, but there didn't seem to be anything much going on behind the barricade, and there were no children in the street. I noticed that the hairdresser where I once had my hair permed into an Afro (not yesterday!) is now for sale, with the hats in the window all marked half price but the gate firmly locked. 

It was, apart from the seagulls, almost as quiet as the location for my extra photo of the artificial lake at Knockdow House, in the south of the peninsula. We walked there this afternoon despite still feeling the effects of the weekend's work and felt much the better of it ... and did I mention that I'd also been to Pilates?

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