The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

HMS Lourdes ready to set sail...

The school term ended today but right up to the last moment, paper boats were still coming in for the Last Launch, which will be a quiet salute to George Wyllie from the schools.

This flotilla is a very welcome one. It comes from P7, Lourdes PS, Glasgow and this has been a difficult term for teachers and pupils at the school.

Problems in the school building, not an old one, were identified in November and the school was closed. The damage had been caused by last January's storm but in mid-November, an inspection revealed structural damage so for safety reasons, the pupils have been at various other schools since then. The nursery children have been going to Rosshall. P1-P3 are currently at Sandwood PS. P4-P5 are located at Govan High, and P6-P7 are housed in Lourdes Secondary. So, a difficult term for pupils and teachers.

They said this wasn't what they had planned for their flotilla, but a lot of their own materials are back at Lourdes PS. But even with all the worries of the last six weeks, they've been investigating the work of George Wyllie, and have made their paper boats, and it was with a lot of pleasure that those boats were received at lunchtime today. They were worried it might be too late to join the fleet.

No such worry. The wee boats, with glitter added for Christmas, and some with a wee person in them - the Whys Man? - also have messages on them. One, made by Luke, says, "All are welcome. No-one is judged."

Hasnat's boat carries the greeting, "Merry Christmas" and Charlotte's boat says, "Best wishes for 2013".

Every single boat proudly bears the name, Lourdes Primary.

Welcome to the fleet, P7 Lourdes PS. Your boats are great!

Here's hoping you'll all be back in your own school to start the new term, and very best wishes to you too for 2013.

Glad you joined us.

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