Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


a hospital room
for a minor procedure
everything went fine

And a perfect opportunity to blip my second contribution to the BlipCommunity Challenge, Minimalism. Two colour shots, after a series of seven black and whites. Yes, the black lens lid on a black velvety pouch was a colour photo, too!

This was at a private hospital near us, and I found it a lovely place. Lots of light everywhere, including the operating theatre which had a window overlooking the fields beyond the car park. I was also situated close to the window in the recovery room, which was a delight and added to my comfort, I'm sure. I was admitted at 7.30 am and was home before 4.

What a wonderful thing anaesthesia is. One second you're talking to the anaethetist or the nurse, the next you're waking up and everything is done and dusted (well, sponged would be closer to the truth, I guess! ;-) ) I've undergone more than a dozen operations, from minor matters like yesterday to much more severe ones, and I am as amazed by surgery as I ever was. I once (I was eight years old) considered becoming a surgeon; my father, who managed hospitals all his career, took me to visit an operating theatre (an empty one!) and I very nearly fainted. That put an end to this choice of career for me! ;-) Not to mention my clumsiness which I think might have been an impediment too! :-D


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