Australia Rocks

Nine hours ahead now,
we've reset our clocks,
tried out the trams
and mooched round the docks:
Melbourne, like all of
Australia, rocks.

Melbourne is another beautiful clean city with amazing high rise tower blocks, though they sadly dwarf older buildings, including small churches. But the tower blocks are imaginatively designed and creatively positioned to complement each other. They were set off well against today's deep blue sky!

The River Yarra was busy with boats and proved very photogenic. Despite being in a city, I spotted two birds new to me: the Pied Cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) and the noisy, scavenging Common Myna (Sturnus tristis). With all these beautiful sights consigned to Extras, I give you a curious cow in a tree, also in the docks area. It was a mooving sight and demanded to be blipped.

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