Where the Wild Things Are

Not been feeling my best for the past few days.
Thought it was a hangover on Saturday but even a hangover doesn’t last for four days.
Have had a streaming cold since Sunday and l think my hay fever has started too so lm not the happiest of bunnies.
Haven’t been getting up until noon for the last two days and must say l’ve really enjoyed it, just relaxing and recharging my batteries.

Still no peace for the wicked and l’ve just had to take some green waste to the recycling centre.
There had been a mix up with ours and next door’s bins and it ended up that they had put their grass cuttings in my general waste bin by mistake, a long story which l won’t bore you with.
But it meant emptying their bin and bagging it up, l had to do it because Mr P isn’t allowed to touch compost or cut the grass
and my neighbours are blissfully unaware of their mistake :-))

On the way back l said to Mr P that we should have a little walk as l needed some fresh air and that’s just what we did.
All my clothes now smell  of wild garlic so l’ve had a bath and got changed into my PJs and going for another lie down now after all that excitement!

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