By HeidiHH


So yesterday.

We really did get to the top. It was quite the hike and at some points I just had to think "least amount of effort" on every step. But I made it. And it was great. And the dogs were fine too. They got some snacks and pizza.

Going down we took couple of wrong routes as the path wasn't that clearly marked and there were few paths going to different villages. Luckily we noticed to make the corrections and got back to the car. As it was one way 7km and first time in that area, it was hard to remember every turn. But we made it.

I got some small blisters, but also going down my toes touched the boots even if they were on tight fit so my toes got really painful. In fact I wan't able to sleep good the first part of the night as the duvet touching my toes was hurting. Today they've been lot better.

Dogs have been enjoying this relaxed day mostly. Remember when I said the next door neighbor said the noisy part of the renovation should be over by last week. Surprise! They continued with lots of heavy banging today. So that has been very annoying. Also Buddha has suffered from that.

This evening we had our Dutch friends for some snacks and drinks. I also visited Jen briefly.

The picture is our sunset this evening.

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