By HareBrain

The visitor

We've been putting bird seed outside the caravan whilst on our stay and have had some lovely visitors, mainly Blue Tits, Great Tits, Sparrows and even some Long Tailed Tits.  After packing up the caravan I was about to shut the door when Mr T said he saw a Blue Tit sitting on one of Matilda's cushions, and it was a good job he spotted it or he/she might well have travelled all the way back to Shropshire with us.

We've had a great time in Wales but it's good to be home;  there's an awful lot of washing though and I've been out tonight for a double retirement party for two old friends from the Coalface.  It's been a lovely evening and good to spend time with some of the old crew.

Happy endings in Extras :  Is the Blue Tit tinier enough for TinyTuesday?  Thank you Ninniex for hosting.

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