Slow Down, Read the Sign....

Once someone sent me one of these silly round robin messages, it told me, "to get your life in order and make your life complete, always make sure your sink is clean before you go to bed".

That night, I looked at the sink, I dried the dishes which were sitting, and then washed up and dried the odds which were left. Polished the drip dry, cleaned the drain, scrubbed down the sides of the sink and stood back and looked at my work. Yeah clean sink.

It's funny how when you are given a piece of advice which is inherently mental, you might try it, laugh at your hope, but you are forever questioning the rationale that made you try it out.

Every time I wash the bloody dishes now, I think about that. And I deliberately leave a mess, just to prove I can be happy in a mess just as much as that silly woman and her tidy sinks.

Its the same with hanging out washing; because of my mad, bad mental neighbour I spend ages making sure I mix colours up, and sizes, and hang sheets ever so slightly wonky.

Someone used to tell me that I shouldn't be nice to people because I wasn't paid enough to be nice. So now, I always go out of my way to be nice to as many people as I can.

You want me to do something.... Tell me to do the opposite


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