Reikes small life...

By Reike

Thoughts and prayers ;)

I love what you can do with the Lensbaby Burnside35 lens. :)

My first night in my new flatshare. There will be an Italian girl moving in shortly, too.
I got fed, got some wine, everything set up and he said that people from his church group will take care of prayers for me, too. Woah! I am an atheist so surely not in need of that.

Djeili and I had nice long walkies around the new place and it was beautiful weather! With 20°C too warm already for Djeili. Well, there is snow predicted for the weekend, she should be happy then!

I am amazed at how well she adjusts to all these changes. She doesn't seem stressed at all. I guess it must be me getting more relaxed about it. I have decided to let things happen more and not to try pushing life too hard, as I usually do.

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