By minniemouse1966

Living Eggs. Day 3

Yay! When I got into work this morning the first chick had hatched in the night (1st picture in collage) and was cheeping away and there was a second egg with a crack in so went and started my jobs for the morning went back into the other classroom ten minutes later and number 2 (2nd picture in collage) had just made its way out of the egg. The 3rd picture in the collage shows egg number 3 beginning to crack. I then finished my jobs and then went back in the class with my line manager and watched the 3rd one hatch it was amazing unfortunately I had to take these pictures on my school camera as it was getting close to the children coming in and we have to put our phones away for obvious reasons I was going to transfer the photos to my phone after school tonight along with any others of the other eggs hatching but unfortunately I had to be sent home from work as I nearly passed out in the classroom whilst working with the children so I don't know if any more hatched and how many chicks we now have will update you all tomorrow.

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