By Wildwood

Ghost Tree

A rather odd Mayday blip, but I found myself crossing the Laguna again today, so I stopped to take a series of pictures of fallen oak trees which have been left to age in place. Oaks are very particular about getting their feet wet so I'm surprised so many grow in the Laguna which is prone to flooding. I imagine that is why there are so many fallen ones. Often, the overly long heavy branches fall off or bring the whole tree down with them. There was something particularly interesting about this single branch reaching for the sky....
I've been known to take out my own stitches, but I can't really even even see the spot on the back of my kneee so I took myself across town to the Dermatology clinic to get them removed. It didn't go quite as planned. Several stitches were overgrown with scar tissue and the medical assistant had to call in reinforcements to get them out.  I was told that I am a 'fast healer' and should probably not go a full two weeks before having stitches removed 'next time'. I would love to believe that there won't be a 'next time', but my misspent youth frying on the beach, and the growing number of scars on my arms and legs probably suggests otherwise....

I noticed as I drove home again that the hills are beginning make the change from bright green to golden as the grasses on them dry. Not everyone loves the summertime color of our hills but having grown up with it, it is a sure sign of warming weather for me.

A lizard, looking like a little dinosaur, is sitting on the doormat in the sun doing pushups,  the hawks are screaming as they hunt for a mate or a meal, and the crows are gathering for their board meeting in the top of the big oak tree in our front lawn....all good sights and sounds of spring and summer to come.

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