By davesfotos

Amaryllis finally in bloom after 3 years

Light rain most of the morning so no garden work but Molly and I did tour a couple of times.
I found today's blip in the greenhouse.
I think it's a poinsettia correct me if I'm mistaken.( Now identified as an Amaryllis thanks blippers)
We had it indoors a few Christmas's ago maybe 3 years and after it had bloomed it died down and it went in to the greenhouse.
Leaves appeared from time to time and died away, I kept it watered over the years and now she's produced these magnificent blooms 2 to be precise.
So the moral of the story is never under estimate nature and never give up on a good plant.
Some kitchen work and accounts indoors made it a full morning.
A busy afternoon with a visit from the architect to discuss the kitchen extension and a company coming to quote for removing a 2000 litre fuel tank.
Once that's gone I'm planning to add an extention to my work shed.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have better weather where you are.(

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