By Beckett


... time to catchup a "little"!! and being "delayed" can update with the fun we are having!

We left Changi bound for Germany Dusseldorf and family - a long haul!

Made sure we had a bit of time for a meal and a check of this unbelievable airport - the extra shows a recent addition, an amazing waterfall (in extra) cascading I reckon four stories to a light show and music, it was wall to wall people - surely someone missed their flight. This is inside terminal and the terminal shuttle goes right next to it.

We had a good flight even with some sleep, which will be needed as on arrival to the family at 8 am we were then repacked / refreshed sort of, and onto a plane to Zurich to commence the first leg of the "adventure" for 10 days.

Sorry been "lost in Europe" but quite frankly fun with the family sort of took over and as we know once behind a real challenge to catchup.... BUT that I will!

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE and had a chuckle when putting on map it showed us right next to the popcorn outlet... mmm don not let Alice know!!!!

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