Quick trip to Southmead

When I go to Southmead for my 6 monthly checkup, annually in the future, I usually wait half an hour, go through to the next waiting room, wait half an hour, then get my weight, wee, blood test, and see the consultant. It's a long drawn out process for about 10 minutes work.
Today I got there three quarters of an hour early and after registering went to the little shop to get a diet coke. Got back to the waiting area and my name was up on the screen already! Up to the other waiting room and I'd no longer sat down than the nurse called for me to have my weight etc. done. Sat again but hardly touched the seat when I was called  for my blood test! Couldn't believe it.
When I sat again I thought this would be the long wait, for the consultant. I was still 25 minutes early for my appointment. Lo and behold he came around the corner and took me into his consulting room to go through results and ask how I'd been keeping.
I left to go back to my car 15 minutes before my appointment was due which was amazing.
So even with the journey the whole thing only took 2 hours.
I went in my car due to my back lower back pain over the past three days but it's much better today. Reminded me why I usually take the bike, going around and around the multi storey car park looking for a space, and then paying £3.50 for less than one hours parking!

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