Tasty Debrief

Rich, Phil and I went to see Hellboy this evening, and honestly I'm not sure I've ever been so angry leaving the cinema. To explain; Hellboy and the surrounding BPRD universe are the pinnacle of comics to me. You know how everyone thinks you have to think either DC or Marvel are the best? I'm firmly in the Dark Horse BPRDverse camp. I don't think I've ever disliked a comic set in that universe. So, you know, I was predisposed to like this film, despite the poor reviews, just for bringing those characters to life on screen. Unfortunately, this movie brings nothing to life. The characters are charmless, the acting is dreadful, the plot is so incredibly dull, there's terrible accents all over it, the effects are like PS2 video game level rubbish, and the soundtrack is infuriatingly bad. There's a sequence I won't spoil that should be visually stunning, and it's so uninspiring I had to hold myself back from actually shouting at the screen.

We ended up so miffed that we went for a pint after so that the night wasn't a total wash! 

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