The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Itchin' itchin' itchin' for a scratch...

Itchin' for a scratch
It's a itch that you got to catch
Itchin' for a scratch
Itchin' itchin' itchin' for a scratch
Itchin' and a scratchin'
Scratchin' and a scritchin'
Movin and a groovin til my body starts twitchin
I pity the fool who makes me itch
When I hear scratchin' my muscles twitch
Up in my head down to my feet
I can't stop scratchin' to the funky beast...

More Itchin and enjoying the scratch in the extra... and my wonderful sold news... Than you all will understand why I am so busy at the mo... ;-)) and being such a poor poor blipper... :-D

A huge thanks for everyone who did join the DerelictSunday challenge last week! You guys are awesome too keep up the challenge...
As promised the results for the DerelictSunday challenge...I am happy to see that some of you really do think outside the Derelict box... So don't hesitate but blip...
Hearts go to:
Common Enchantments
Angel's Share

Honorable Mentions go to:
Dawn's Journal
Suejay50  & Terrifo

This weeks tag is #DS139
And now go out a look for some dereliction... ;-)) 

Thanks for all your kind comments, hearts and stars for my yesterday’s blip! Xxx

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