Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham


Our day started with an early wake up call at 6.50am when the fire alarm went off...apparently steam escaped in a guest room!!

After breakfast we headed up Castle Hill just above where we’re staying...lots and lots of steps but lovely views over the city and the port. It was a bit overcast but warm enough for shorts still. After visiting the cemetery and man made waterfall we headed back to the hotel for a brief respite!

Sir decided we’d head east around the port and round the headland path...a lovely walk which ended in a set of the steepest vertical steps I’ve ever encountered (about 50-100 of them) to get back up to the road! There was an older guy coming down as we went up, he went to the bottom, turned and came back up then passed us again on his way down... I meanwhile was virtually on my knees!!

We bought a picnic lunch at the supermarket and stopped at a little beach on the way home. We had a little rain late afternoon and this evening whilst walking the prom.

Photos are the port and old town from Castle Hill and one from last night in a nearby park. 10 miles walked!!

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